Fur carpets from the Original collection are an ideal solution that highlights the style of the interior and an impeccable taste of the owner. They are designed by artists who do their best in order to meet your expectations, reflect your tastes and preferences.


Products from the Original collection are manufactured with the use such materials as suede, leather, mink, raccoon dog, fox, rabbit and other furs. hence, our fur carpets feature unique quality and original pattern. A mixture of styles, inspiration drawn from the most successful compositions and the application of original combinations guarantee that each product from our offer becomes a unique specimen with high artistic value and top quality.

Original collection – natural leather, suede
Material: natural fur, Swarovski crystals (mink, fox fur)
Size: 1.50 х 2.20
Technology: hand finishing
Colour: black, other
Frame: 100% black suede
Undersurface: 100% natural leather
Price: on request