Carpets from the author’s 3D collection are very popular among modern carpets. These are characterised by three dimensionality and special texture. 3D carpets are mostly popular with the amateurs of minimalism and art-deco style. The Customer defines the pattern, shape, colour of each carpet in cooperation with us or their architect.

Art Relief artists transfigure a given pattern on the carpet, adjusting it to the style and character of the bedroom, living room or study. 3D carpets are manufactured from a special fabric with a unique texture, which is enriched with acrylic yarn. The range of colours is selected on the basis of contrasts: gold or silver fabric ideally matches black acrylic yarn, whereas black fabric looks spectacular in combination with white or beige yarn. Each carpet can be ideally finished with adornments made of large SWAROVSKI crystals (on Customer request).

Material: special fabric – polyester in combination with 100% acrylic yarn, Swarovski crystals
Size: standard 1.40 х 2.00; 1.60 х 2.30; 2.00 х 3.00 (2.00 х 3.00), on request: 2.50 х 3.50, 3.00 х 4.00
Technology: hand finishing
Background colour: black, silver, gold
Décor: Swarovski crystals (on individual demand)
Price: on request